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Our Plan

In May of 2014 the Board of Directors developed a two year 
strategic plan that accomplishes several basic objectives. It
revitalizes and provides direction for our mission, it makes our vision manageable and attainable, and it directly supports the folks in our community that need the most help.

Below are the four goals for 2014-2016. With your help we will succeed.
Goal 1: Manage FCFAC 501c3 with efficiency, transparency, and in honest service of 
the chronically homeless of Flagler. (ongoing)

Goal 2: Provide those in need a safe warm shelter, food, and clothing when the weather is 40 degrees or colder. (The Cold Weather Shelter) (ongoing)

Goal 3: Assist the chronically homeless of Bunnell with the tools, guidance, and support necessary to enter permanent housing.  (One Man at a Time)  OMT (2014-2015)

Goal 4: To provide extreme weather shelter and basic survival necessities including snacks, hydration, and clothing 365 days a year to the homeless of Bunnell. (Spring 2015)